Direct Import

Venturing across international borders for direct import can be a very arduous process, especially when you’re depending on reliability. Let the experts at Preferred Nation help make the journey of developing your custom products a pleasure. We are a respected, reliable source for custom overseas orders with many years of experience. We can provide an array of exceptional design capabilities to meet any custom project. At Preferred Nation, we are dedicated to providing consistent excellence, every time.

Cost Effective

Direct connections to our manufacturers allow us to help you work effectively within your budget. We can develop designs, and modify our products, in order to find a price point that suits your project. By avoiding the lengthy production process, we are able to pass the savings onto you!

Inspired Creativity

Let our knowledgeable and innovative design team work with you to turn your idea into your next best-selling product. Whether you are starting from scratch, or putting a new spin on one of our award-winning designs, we can assist you with colors, materials, hardware, and features to develop a product like no other.

Unsurpassed quality

At Preferred Nation, we have been continuously distributing our products throughout many major retail channels, consistently delivering superior quality products. All of our products meet and exceed the highest industry standards. We are confident that you, and your customers, will receive a finished product, with a high-perceived value and unsurpassed quality, that you are proud to stand behind.

On-time delivery

With Global Source, you can count on us to always deliver! We are proud to have never missed a deadline continue to pride ourselves on promptness. We keep you in the loop by providing you with clear, accurate information from the beginning to the end, and we guarantee on-time delivery.

Complete Satisfaction

Our dedicated staff will work with you to meet every custom design specification. With exceptional design capabilities, and extensive import experience, we are confident that you, and your customers, will be completely satisfied with our products. High perceived value, unparalleled quality, and on-time delivery are all part of our mission to bring you a hassle-free, overseas purchase experience.

Strict Compliance

Our factory are among a privileged few that are certified to produce for top companies around the world. The biggest companies have put our factories through the toughest social and safety compliance regulations. We meet and exceed all of the highest standards every time. Our products are also compliant with Prop 65 and CPSIA regulations.

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